Children kicking swan provokes local outrage

Children kicking swan provokes local outrage

Locals in Grimsby have been left outraged after a group of children were spotted kicking a swan.

Yesterday at roughly 4 pm, three children were spotted in People’s Park in Grimsby running after a swan before violently kicking it.

A passerby managed to take an image of the incident before reporting it to Humberside Police.

Locals were outraged by the violent behavior of the children, condemning their actions.

Taking to Facebook one person wrote: “Swans are protected birds as they are the queen’s birds. Needs reporting to police.”

Another said: “Swans have been known to break a limb … now that would be karma.”

Some comments mentioned the children’s parents, stating: “Hope their parents are proud of them.”

“The fact they are kicking wildlife means they clearly aren’t bothered about what’s right and wrong because my almost 4 year old knows it’s wrong to hurt animals.

“They are still pretty young by the looks of things so possibly being challenged by an adult would have stopped it this time but definitely not a guarantee.

“They wouldn’t repeat the behaviour when the adults are gone, needs reporting, if anyone knows who they are maybe a visit from the police will scare them into not doing this kind of thing again.”

Humberside Police also condemned the behaviour, stating: “Do you know where your kids are and what they are doing when they go out? We have had several reports of youths kicking swans in People’s Park, Grimsby. This is disgraceful and not appropriate behaviour at all. The swans cause no harm to you so let them have peace.”

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