Met Police to issue first fines over partygate

Met Police to issue first fines over partygate

The first fines are set to be issued by the Metropolitan Police to those involved in the partygate scandal.

According to the BBC, at least 15 fines are set to be distributed and the first ones could be delivered today.

The investigation of 12 separate incidents began back in January.

The prime minister and his party faced outrage and scandal at the start of the year after it was revealed that multiple parties had taken place at Downing Street during national lockdowns.

At the time of the events, covid restrictions were still in place, banning indoor mixing.

Boris Johnson faced calls from all sides to resign as prime minister but he refused.

The Sue Gray report was launched to investigate the alleged incidents, with her initial findings stating that there was a failure of leadership in Downing Street.

According to The Guardian, the fines are set to be delivered ‘imminently’.

Once the police investigation has been carried out, the finished Sue Gray report will be published in full according to the prime minister.

Police are investigating 12 out of 16 alleged events.

Mr Johnson is known to have attended at least three of these events in May, June, and November 2020.

Although he felt that he did not break any rules, he offered an apology in the commons for ‘anything we might have got wrong’.

At the start of the investigation, police said fixed-penalty notices would be issued to anyone who was found to have broken lockdown rules.

At least 100 questionnaires were sent out to those believed to be in attendance, including the prime minister and Rishi Sunak.

Although the PM said his answers would not be made public, he said he would tell the public if he was issued a fine.

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