Rare goose rescued from Cleethorpes Boating lake

Rare goose rescued from Cleethorpes Boating lake

`A rare goose has been rescued from Cleethorpes Boating lake after sustaining an injury to its leg.

The barnacle goose, which is listed as Amber of the UK conservation list, sustained an injury to its leg,  causing a large amount of swelling around the tag which eventually embedded into the skin.

A volunteer for Cleethorpes Wildlife rescue thankfully spotted the injured bird and took it to the vet for immediate medical attention.

After some much needed care at the vet the goose can now be rehabilitated before its eventual release!

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “In Cleethorpes, we’re lucky to have a large pack of Barnacle Geese (Branta leucopsis) who have called our resort home.

“These geese, who are AMBER on the UK conservation status list, are often documented as winter visitors to the UK, with only a couple other patches in England where they can be seen all year-round.

“Sadly for this goose, an injury to its leg, potentially from a bad landing, had caused a large amount of swelling around the tag which eventually embedded into the skin and caused it to develop a deformity…

“Thankfully, it was captured by one of our volunteers and brought in for immediate veterinary attention!

“With thanks to our volunteers and Georgios (from Grimsby Blue Cross) the first metal and second plastic tag were removed successfully and the damage to the leg wasn’t as bad as we first expected it to be. This means rehabilitation will be the next step at our rescue along with supportive care for the injury.

“Along with their AMBER conservation status, it’s estimated that there are only 900 are breeding pairs in the UK, to put this in caparison, greylags have an estimated 46,000 UK breeding pairs – Another fact that makes protecting and providing a safe home for these geese at the boating lake incredibly important.

“We have sent information regarding this goose to the organisation that tagged it so they are aware although cases like this one are usually very rare.”

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