Children’s services could change hands from NELC

Children’s services could change hands from NELC

A report may see services taken away from the council.

It is reported a commissioner’s report into NELC’s failing services is to be handed to the Government.

The council could be removed from controlling the service after an Ofsted report labelled them ‘inadequate’.

The Department of Education has looked into the borough’s services in January.

He will have the power to issue orders to the council.

The report was due to be submitted by the end of March.

Council Leaders have allegedly promised to co-operate with the report.

Earlier this year, a Government notice said: ” North East Lincolnshire Council has systematically failed as its children’s social care services are ‘inadequate’ across all of the key judgments in the recent Ofsted inspection report”.

” There is a presumption in cases of persistent or systemic failure that children’s social care services will be removed from local authority control”.

Councillor Matthew Patrick said the Ofsted report had been “The darkest months for this council”.

Conservatives have dodged, allegedly saying the services had already been in poor shape.

In relevance to the subject, a pilot scheme for child trafficking which runs until June 2022 has identified NELC as part of the scheme.
It is one of several areas involved in the pilot scheme.
“The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is a framework for identifying and referring potential victims of modern slavery and ensuring they receive the appropriate support.”.
We asked NELC why they were chosen for the scheme and what current information could be provided.
NELC has not responded to our inquiries.

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