P&O faces criminal probe

P&O faces criminal probe

P&O are reportedly facing a probe into the sackings of around 800 staff.

The Insolvency Service has launched criminal and civil investigations into the circumstances of the redundancies.

In a letter it said they would consider “Prompt and appropriate action”.

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps has also asked for P&O’s boss to be removed from the company director position.

He has urged ports to independently block ferries from docking, if a UK minimum wage is not met.

Apparently the move would make P&O “Fundamentally rethink” their decision, he said.

P&O Peter Hebblethwaite admitted that they knowingly broke the law.

Ferry industry groups have allegedly said they should not have to “Be the police for the labour practises of ferry companies”.

A spokesman for RMT members suggested workers “had a gun to their head” to accept the severance package.

Boris Johnson told parliament: “We will take them to court, we will defend the rights of British workers.”

Yet the transport secretary admitted that the Government “Are not in a position to take court action.”

Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, said: “They have said they will take legal action against P&O and we’re holding them to it”.

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