Cleethorpes MP receives Russian donation


Cleethorpes MP receives Russian donation

Martin Vickers reportedly received donations from Offshore group Newcastle limited.

The quarterly donation was reportedly made back in 2014, and a sum of £5,000 was sent.

The group is a connection to Alexander Temerko, who is a regular donor of the conservative party.

Back in 2014, David Cameron was questioned for meeting with Temerko, which Government subsidies were set to benefit Offshore Group Newcastle Limited.

It was worth noting the scope for the renewable sector in the area,

Martin Vickers voted in favour of proposed cuts to subsidies (feed-in-tariffs) for electricity produced from renewable or low-carbon techniques.

Temerko even suggested raising the tax to a staggering 70%-80% and to stop funding the NHS, about the energy crisis.

He makes donations under his name and another company, Aquind LTD, which is reportedly majority held by Viktor Fedotov, a controversial figure.

In October, the Guardian and BBC reported that documents in the Pandora papers suggest Aquind’s majority owner, Viktor Fedotov, secretly co-owned a company once accused of participating in a massive embezzlement scheme in Russia.

Mr. Temerko is allegedly an ex-Russian arms dealer, although publicly denounces Putin.

Aquind and its co-owners have donated £1.1m to the Conservative party, including contributions to 21 Tory MPs and ministers.

The company said it has operated openly and transparently, saying its donations were “entirely lawful”.

According to reports, the company has close links to the Conservative party, including Temerko himself having a ‘close’ relationship with Boris Johnson, even referring to him by his first name.

Senior Tory Minister Penny Mordaunt has recently had a run-in with Temerko, who labeled her an “uncontrollable woman” due to her campaign and disagreement with Aquind’s proposed £1.2 Billion subsea electricity cable.

She even referred to herself in a Parliament session as someone who has been ‘personally threatened’ by Temerko.

The MP called for ‘disciplinary measures’ against Mr. Temerko. who threatened legal action against Mordaunt but later backed down.

Mr. Vickers was contacted for comment over a week ago.


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