Frustration as Buck Beck bench family keepsakes and memorials claimed by others

Frustration as Buck Beck bench family keepsakes and memorials claimed by others

Locals have been left frustrated after memorials and messages on the Buck Beck bench on Cleethorpes beach have been claimed by others.

Pieces of driftwood with heartfelt messages towards lost loved ones have been turned around and commandeered by others writing their own messages.

People have apparently taken a black marker to other homemade keepsakes and passed them off as their own.

Many people have left messages and memorials for those who have passed away, making the bench a safe space to remember those people who have lost.

Pieces of driftwood found on the beach and any other gifts can be left on the bench with personalised massages.

A message posted on Facebook said: “Appears to be evidence of people visiting the bench and claiming homemade keepsakes for their own by writing on them with a black marker.

“Family pieces of driftwood added to the bench turned over by another visitor, written on and claimed as their own.

“This is not in the spirit of the bench, please find driftwood on the beach to add with your personal messages. There are loads lying about. I am not the bench police nor can I stop anyone doing anything on the bench but this is a little sad, please don’t.”

Many locals were frustrated over the lack of respect for what has become a local spot for remembering loved ones.

One local wrote: “Such a shame people are doing this, please respect what has been a haven for those that have visited over last few years.”

Another said: “Such a shame, total disrespect shown, unfortunately, a standard of modern society.”

One local shared her own experience with her grandchildren, stating: “Took the grandkids with their homemade message what they did with grandad, hopefully, whoever didn’t manage to get the price of wood off and turn it around, no respect for anyone some morons.”

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