Controversy after Grimsby Town fan ‘dragged’ from Chesterfield

Controversy after Grimsby Town fan ‘dragged’ from Chesterfield

A Grimsby Town fan was removed with force at Chesterfield last Saturday during their 4-1 victory.

In a video released by Away Day Bible, a Grimsby fan can be seen being dragged away by two stewards with what appears to be a child lagging behind. The clip captures another two individuals being escorted out from the same direction.

Although the motivation behind the use of force is still unknown, there are rumours to suggest a fight broke out leading to the drastic escalation seen within the video.

The video evidence released of Saturdays game follows imagery of a Scunthorpe fan being forced to the ground and put into handcuffs by stewards, resulting in a internal investigation by the club.

The latest incident involving the Grimsby fan has been met with diverse opinions.

One fan in attendance stressed concerns over the use of force in front of a minor, arguing that “regardless of what he did or didn’t do, no one deserves to be dragged out and manhandled in front of their child”

Sharing the same sentiment, another added: “The stewards were overly aggressive and antagonised the away supporters”

Conversely, some Grimsby Town fans agreed with the use of force to remove those who were intentionally looking for trouble.

Speaking on Facebook, one supporter said:

“Disgusting behaviour! It is a shame for normal fans, especially those who brought their young children to watch the game. I hope those involved receive a ban”

Another simply added:

“Perhaps behave next time? Is it so difficult”

The actions of stewards during the weekends game, and that of the Scunthorpe match have come under fire, with some football goers arguing their use of force is unfair, unnecessary and too aggressive.

However, the job of steward staff is to ensure fans can enjoy the games safely.

Do you think the actions displayed by some stewards at the weekend were too aggressive? Let us know!

Chesterfield Football Club have been contacted for a statement.

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