Nearly half of crimes in North East Lincolnshire lead to no prosecution

Nearly half of crimes in North East Lincolnshire lead to no prosecution

New data from Police UK shows that nearly half of crimes committed in North East Lincolnshire end in no suspect being identified or the suspect was unable to be prosecuted.

The most common offense committed in the borough in the past 12 months was violence and sexual offenses.

In the Sydney Sussex area, 573 crimes, roughly 27.8 per cent of cases, the investigation closed with no suspect found.

A further 705 crimes, 34.2 per cent, were unable to prosecute the suspect.

Other wards in the borough showed similar statistics, meaning at least half of the offences result in no suspect being found or charged.

Data from Police UK breaks down the types of crimes committed in the area and each ward in monthly, yearly, and three-year reviews.

The overall crime rate for North East Lincolnshire stands at 111.6crimes committed per 1,000 people, very nearly hitting the upper band of 115 per 1,000 which is considered to be above average.

The average crime rate for the Humberside region stands at 95.4 per 1,000 people, placing North East Lincolnshire well above the average.

Statistics also revealed to most to least dangerous neighbourhoods in the area, with Grimsby East Marsh and Port coming in the top with 2,246 offences being committed in the past 12 months, roughly 413 crimes per 1,000 people.

Following closely behind were Grimsby West Marsh, Nunsthorpe, New Clee, and Cleethorpes North.

Over 12,000 crimes were committed in North East Lincolnshire in the past 12 months, with the safest area with the least amount of crimes reported being Littlefield North with only 701 offences.

You can check the crime statistics for your area on the Police UK website.

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