Funds raised for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue in fantastic fundraising effort!

Funds raised for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue in fantastic fundraising effort!

A fantastic effort raising money for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue by fitness group Walkers Total Fitness, who raised funds in support of the rescue organisation.

Walkers Total Fitness raised a total of £100 for the rescue, in a wonderful effort to support a vital organisation that carries out rescues tirelessly throughout the area.

They posted a statement on their social media page, thanking the group for their efforts and with more information.

In their post, they wrote:

“A huge thank you to Walkers Total Fitness for their fundraising! They raised £100 for our rescue!

“With the huge amount of admissions we’ve had recently and the huge increase in costs for everything, this money will certainly be put to use at a time where it’s definitely needed!

“Did you know that with the recent increase in prices for pretty much everything, our animal food bill alone has risen to roughly £200 a week! Let alone all the other massive expenses such as vet bills and even petrol going to and from all the rescue, it mounts up very quickly!

“We currently have nearly 6000 people follow our page, if just 1 / 6 people set up a £2 monthly donation to the rescue, we would have enough to cover the monthly expenses of running a volunteer rescue such as this?

“If you would like to support us in this way, please follow the link below and set up your monthly contribution! Thank you”…

The page said it is a busy time of year for rescues as there can be nesting.

“The same few volunteers who update this page are the same few volunteers who are… Answering calls and voicemails, responding to emergency injured and/or trapped animals (some rescues can take hours), assessing injuries,

“Doing vet trips, medicating, cleaning, feeding (some up to every 15 minutes), maintaining equipment, sleeping next to intensive care incubators to ensure we can give all day all night care to those that need it, trying to fundraise to keep us open,

“Speaking to other rescues and sanctuaries for those needing lifelong care, dealing with accounts and so much more!”

They have outlined requests from locals in ways they can assist rescues and help make their job easier:

“Be patient with us, we don’t get paid for this, we rarely have time for ourselves… be kind!

“Where suitable (such as for small birds) prepare to arrange your own transport to us or your local vets, in the same time that we come to collect, we could have helped 3-4 more animals via drop off. – Birds with suspected broken wings/legs should go directly to a vet where possible.

“Please help us fundraise and/or donate, wildlife rescue is not cheap and there is no possible way to ‘go budget’ on quality care, we can only take in the number of animals/birds that we could give quality care for.

“Please support your local rescues, you’ll never know when you will need us!”

(Image Source: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue)

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