Katy Perry suffers ‘technical glitch’

Katy Perry suffers ‘technical glitch’

The extravagant singer is known for her professional and tireless stage manner, noticed by her fans, who this time, noticed a slight ‘glitch’ in her performance.

Fans of Katy Perry were quick to joke that the suffered a ‘glitch’ on Monday night after her eyelid appeared to get stuck during her Las Vegas Residency.

The footage was uploaded to TikTok, with some calling it a ‘mechanical failure’, as the singer struggled to open one of her eyes in the middle of the show.

Perry, 38, struggled to adjust her eyelid, briefly pausing her performance to attend to the malfunction. Dressed in her can-inspired silver leotard, Katy’s eyelid appeared to be stuck, leaving the star struggling to open her right eye.

The moment was captured by a member of the audience who then uploaded it to social media, which sparked all kinds of theories and conspiracies of sorts surrounding the explanation.

One rational user suggested it was simply caused by Katy’s false eyelashes getting stuck to the bottom of her eye, however, another felt differently saying ‘Clone failure. Next time make sure all software are updated and make necessary patches.’

Another added: ‘She was downloading the song,’ while a third posted: ‘The robot had a glitch.’

One fan said: ‘Mechanical failure, she even presses that button to keep it open.’

‘Lol it’s her eyelash glue getting stuck to her bottom lid, happens to me all the time.’ A fan explained.


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