PM claims a ‘cast iron’ commitment to levelling up

levelling up

PM claims a ‘cast iron’ commitment to levelling up

Rishi Sunak has become the latest prime minster to commit to ‘levelling up’ during his first PMQ’s as prime minister.

Beginning his speech at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, Sunak assured the house he would “stick to what I said in our manifesto”.

He also gave his “cast iron” commitment to levelling up and defended the return of Suella Braverman to the role of Home Secretary despite her resignation following a security breach just a week ago.

Mr Sunak said: “I will deliver on its promises. A stronger NHS, better schools, safer streets, control of our borders, protecting our environment, supporting our armed forces, levelling up and building an economy that embraces the opportunities of Brexit, where businesses invest, innovate and create jobs,”

The PM made stark warnings that the country faces challenges ahead due to the ongoing economic situation with “difficult decisions to come”.

“There are always limits, now more than ever,” Mr. Sunak said.

Mr. Sunak should be all too familiar with the challenges of local government, as a local minister between January and July 2019, his role included adult social care, finance, and pensions.

The BBC reported local government figures welcomed the PMs appointment, and representatives would make Sunak aware of the ‘financial pressures’ facing councils.

Simon Clarke, the current levelling up secretary, initially supported Boris Johnson but was quick to change to Mr. Sunak after Johnson announced his decision to not run.

During his previous appointment as Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove said in May: “By empowering local communities to rent out shops which have been sat empty for a year or longer, we will end the scourge of boarded up shops that have blighted some of our great towns across the country for far too long.”

The government veteran also said as Secretary of State said he would “look closely” at the old art college on Eleanor Street, and its viability for support from the Community Ownership Fund.

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