Ten seagulls contaminated in factory oil spill

Ten seagulls contaminated in factory oil spill

Ten seagulls were left covered in oil after a spill from a factory contaminated them in this latest rescue.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue were called to reports of ten seagulls covered in oil after rainfall spread oil from a spill at a factory in Grimsby.

Nine were spotted on arrival, mostly made of this years juveniles, but two managed to fly away.

Seven were captured and admitted for decontamination and treatment as they will need constant monitoring as they recover and regain the natural waterproof coating on their feathers.

The factory in question are working to clear the area and prevent future spills from occurring.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “Yesterday we attended reports of around 10 seagulls covered in oil from a spill spread by rain at a factory in Grimsby.

“There was 9 spotted on arrival (mostly all this years juveniles), two managed to fly away but the other 7 was captured and admitted at ‘The Wildlife Alliance’ to be decontaminated and receive treatment from any injuries relating to the oil.

“Spills like this one look simple of the face of it, however, effected birds need constant monitoring, treatment as necessary, often multiple chemical baths and then allowed weeks of recovering to have their feathers covered by their natural waterproofing again!

“The factory are ensuring areas such as this are cleaned up correctly so this doesn’t happen at their site again.”

This is not the first time birds have needed to be rescued after an oil spill in Grimsby as in the summer two swans were admitted after being contaminated by a dangerous oil spill.

A ten-litre drum was found in Middle Drain, near North Moss Lane culvert, where two other swans were sadly found dead.

Donations for Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue can be made here.

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