Future uncertain for BBC radio Humberside

Future uncertain for BBC Radio Humberside

Local BBC radio stations such as BBC Radio Humberside could be in jeopardy as reports have stated stations could be left with a small selection of shows for regional audiences, under newly revealed proposals.

The Guardian reported that ‘widespread’ cuts will be announced today, with a formal 2 pm announcement, that reportedly will bring an end to most local radio stations as standalone outlets.

The Guardian claimed that stations would be reduced to a breakfast show, and a lunchtime show, and the others will be sorted nationally.
Weekend schedules would also be cut except for local sports coverage.

BBC Radio Humberside’s Andy Comfort said there was “a tough week ahead” for all BBC staff in England.

A BBC spokesperson told the Guardian: “We announced back in May that we would be introducing greater programme sharing between our 39 BBC local radio stations in England. This will enable us to increase investment in local digitised services.

“We will be sharing more information on these plans very shortly – and our own staff will of course hear about any proposed changes first. Our local services are trusted by millions of people and our plans are designed to ensure we keep pace with audiences in a fast-changing world.”

Last month, the BBC’s director general, Tim Davie, warned the corporation was being forced to cut costs because of the decision to freeze the license fee. Speaking to MPs at the digital, culture, media, and sport committee he said: “We are under very significant pressure, due to the decision to keep the license fee flat, which we didn’t want.

“We need to continue to invest and grow our local offer. I think it is an absolute key strength of the BBC.”

Radio Humberside’s Andy Comfort said on Twitter: “Ah well. I was hoping I would hear it first from my employer but well done to The Guardian for a scoop, telling me first that I may be at risk of redundancy. Tough week ahead for all BBC England staff. My thoughts are with us all.”

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