Local MPs predicted to lose in next general election

Local MPs predicted to lose in next general election

Both the Grimsby and Cleethorpes MPs are expected to lose their seats in the next general election as ratings continue to decrease.

Over recent months, the public backing of the Conservative party has plummeted following the resignations of both Boris Johnson and Liz Truss alongside multiple failed policies.

During the last election in 2019 the Conservative party won the majority in the wake of Brexit, promising to leave the EU in the best deal possible alongside immigration and economic policies.

However, their popularity is ever decreasing following Boris Johnson’s fixed penalty, Liz Truss’s 45 day premiership and the disastrous mini-budget and its subsequent U-turn.

Latest YouGov data shows that only 23% of the population would vote Conservative in the next election while 51% would vote Labour.

Labours voting intention dropped slightly following Rishi Sunak becoming prime minister but many Britons have stated that they intend to change to Labour come the next election.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes both follow this trend as data reveals the Tories would lose both seats to Labour.

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers won in 2019 with a 62% turnout, winning 31,969 votes.

However, the electoral calculus predicts that the next election with a similar turnout Labour would win with a 55% majority.

Over in Grimsby, MP Lia Nici won in 2019 with 18,150 votes and a 53.9% turnout.

Electoral calculus predicts that Labour would easily take this seat with a 93% of voters intending to swing to the other wing.

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