Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone begs fans ‘save your life’

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone begs fans ‘save your life’

Sharon Stone urged her followers to follow her advice, following a previous misdiagnosis that affected her life drastically.

Stone encouraged her followers to seek second opinions after she said a ‘large fibroid tumor’ was found in her body after a previous medical misdiagnosis.

The Basic Instinct star, 64, posted on Instagram Stories Tuesday penning a personal message regarding her health, she said she ‘just had another misdiagnosis and incorrect procedure’, adding she went for a ‘double epidural’ to treat pain.

The Oscar nominee spoke of ‘worsening pain,’ as she went for a second opinion that revealed she had ‘a large fibroid tumor that must come out.’

Addressing her 3.4 million followers, she said ‘Ladies in particular: Don’t get blown off. GET A SECOND OPINION. It can save your life.’

Stone said she would be ‘down for 4-6 weeks for full recovery,’ and thanked fans for their care, adding, ‘It’s all good.’

Stone also dealt with a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage in 2001, when she was 43-years-old.

Appearing on the Today show in March 2021, Stone shared details:

‘The room was so silent,’ Stone said.

‘When the room is so silent and no one’s running around trying to fix you, that’s when you realize how near death is and how serious everything is.’

She said that the stroke impacted her career and the way she was treated by others.

‘People treated me in a way that was brutally unkind,’ she told Variety in 2019.

‘From other women in my own business to the female judge who handled my custody case, I don’t think anyone grasps how dangerous a stroke is for women and what it takes to recover – it took me about seven years.’

She added: ‘I had to remortgage my house. I lost everything I had. I lost my place in the business. I was like the hottest movie star, you know? It was like Miss Princess Diana and I were so famous – and she died and I had a stroke. And we were forgotten.’

Earlier this year, Stone also revealed has lost nine children by miscarriage.

(Image: Sharon Stone/Instagram)

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