Doncaster Airport owners ‘playing no part’ in securing buyers

Doncaster Airport owners ‘playing no part’ in securing buyers

Authorities in Doncaster are calling on Doncaster Sheffield Airport owners Peel Group to do all they can to secure buyers to save the airport.

Operations at the airport began to wind down on Monday as the last flight to leave the airport departed on Saturday afternoon.

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher has spoken publicly on the issue on multiple occasions, sharing that a ‘substantial offer’ has now been made to Peel by  potential buyer.

However, Mr Fletcher added that Peel has ‘played no part’ in securing potential buyers and that they ‘continue to put in place barriers to our efforts.’

Mr Fletcher, Doncaster Council and members of the public are all urging Peel to meet with potential buyers to save the airport from closure.

Should Peel not secure an arrangement for the airport’s future, Doncaster Council stated they will initiate the process for a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

Nick Fletcher, Doncaster Council and the South Yorkshire Combined Mayoral Authority said in a joint statement: “A substantial offer has been submitted by one of the potential buyers that were identified by Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority. These potential buyers and investors were introduced to Peel following a pro-active investor search that Peel played no part in.

“Negotiations are still ongoing and this is commercially sensitive and not for us to comment on, however both parties in any potential sale would need to undertake their own due-diligence and pre-sale checks as would be expected in any normal business dealing, if only Peel were willing to engage in a regular process.

“Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly clear that Peel do not want to sell or save Doncaster Sheffield Airport in any form, as they continue to put in place barriers to our efforts.

“Last week, Peel publicly announced that they want to “develop a forward-thinking strategy for the airport site…to help unlock vibrant, job-creating alternatives to ensure future growth and prosperity”. We have seen very little evidence of this, and as politicians of Doncaster we stand united in our efforts to save Doncaster Sheffield Airport, we urge Peel to continue to engage with the potential buyers in order to ensure the future of DSA.

“As has been previously stated, it has been made clear to Peel that if there is no collaborative arrangement for the airport’s future, then Doncaster Council will be initiating the process for a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO).

“Although a CPO would not stop Peels planned closure of the airport, as it would take roughly two years and open to considerable legal challenge, we are committed to continuing to work through every stage of this process in our efforts to save DSA.”

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