Anger at shocking car theft

Anger at shocking car theft

A local garage has been left shocked after a customer came to them following a very rare theft attempt.

A woman came to the garage with her Ford Fiesta after two men attempted to steal the windscreen from her car.

The two men had their van running with the doors open as they attempted to remove the glass with suckers but ran when they were confronted.

The owner Clee Auto Centre was left shocked by the attempt, stating in his 30 years of repairing cars he hadn’t seen something like this.

The garage said: “It’s real! A customer came in today for me to re-fit the trim on her ford fiesta. Last night she caught 2 men at her car with suckers on the screen attempting to remove the glass. They had a van running, doors open. They fled when confronted.

“Not a lot can be done to stop it but, after 30 years repairing cars I have never heard of this so thought it only right to let everyone know.”

Although most modern windscreens are bonded, there was also evidence that cheesewire was used in the top right hand corner.

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