Footage emerges after Grimsby woman’s ‘incredible near miss’

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Footage emerges after Grimsby woman’s ‘incredible near miss’

Footage has emerged showing the moment a Grimsby woman narrowly avoided an ‘incredible’ near miss while driving near the A18.

Shannon has taken to social media to share details of the incident, which saw two vehicles dramatically swerve to avoid a reckless oncoming motorist, and which happened between 17:10 and 17:25 on the 9th of November.

Dashcam footage shows a vehicle dangerously overtaking another while driving along the b1211, a stretch of road which follows on from the A18. A van can be seen swerving behind the motorist to avoid the speeding car.

In a social media post Shannon wrote: “Did you witness this incredible near miss? Does anyone have footage of the orange/red car that near crashes into me and the van behind me?”

She added that the driver of the second vehicle, who was also forced to swerve to avoid the car, stopped to ensure she was “safe and okay to keep driving.

Shannon added: “If the van that’s managed to miss the dangerous oncoming car, and mine and then stopped and ensured I was safe and okay to keep driving sees this then please drop me a message!”

Shannon has requested that anyone with information get in touch via the comments section of this post.

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