Lia Nici: “I am listening”

Lia Nici: “I am listening”

In a video released on her Facebook page, Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby, has reassured her constituents that she is “listening to people’s opinions”

The MP said that she wanted “young people in Grimsby to think about what the world can offer them” adding that “there are so many great jobs available here.”

“I’m passionate about getting them into really good jobs, I need to make sure I’m getting the message through” she added.

The Grimsby MP assured constituents that she is “continuing to lobby and listen to peoples opinion on things”, urging her constituents to ‘get in touch’ if they have any issues or concerns.

She added: “I don’t want to make promises if I can’t keep them.”

This comes after dozens of people across Grimsby called for Nici’s resignation last month, when she claimed her constituents wanted Boris Johnson as prime minister.

Speaking at the time Lia Nici said: “I think Boris Johnson is the leader that the country wants and voted for, especially in my constituency. They believe that he wants to make positive change and I support that, and I think he’s the leader that can move the country forward in the direction we want.”

Nici’s claims prompted a flurry of frustration, with many people stating she ‘doesn’t speak for’ them. Others called the ‘invisible’, questioning whether she can adequately represent the people of Grimsby when her presence within the community is ‘non-existent’.

One local responded saying: “How does she know what we want? Has anyone ever spoken to her?”

Another wrote: “She doesn’t speak for the people of Grimsby. She is only out for herself. When was the last time anyone spoke to or saw her? She does nothing for our community or its people. Get her and the lot of them out!”

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