Hillary Duff hits out at ‘uninformed, heartless, money grab’

Hillary Duff hits out at ‘uninformed, heartless, money grab’

Hilary Duff has slammed plans to release her exes unfinished memoir merely a week after his death.

Duff hit out at plans to release Aaron Carter’s memoir, with his representatives thanking her for her outrage.

“It’s really sad that within a week of Aaron’s death there’s a publisher that seems to be recklessly pushing a book out to capitalize on this tragedy without taking [the] appropriate time or care to fact check the validity of his work,” the Disney star, 35, said in a statement to E! News on Thursday, November 10.

The book, titled Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life, leaves no irony behind. The work has been formed for more than three years, according to USA today.

Author Andy Symonds spent the time interviewing Carter about his life as a child star, and his experience in the music industry.

“To water down Aaron’s life story to what seems to be unverified click-bait for profit is disgusting,” Duff continued in her Thursday statement.

“In no way do I condone shedding any light on what is so obviously an uninformed, heartless, money grab.”

The star began dating Carter in 2000, after he appeared on Duff’s hit show, Lizzie McGuire. The pair had an on-and-off romance until they called it quits for good in 2003.

“Don’t be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever … Like me,” he wrote via Twitter in 2014, seemingly referring to Duff.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to better myself to get back to her. I don’t care what ANY of you think.”

The book’s publisher, Ballast Books, announced on Wednesday, November 9, that the bok will be published on Tuesday, November 15 — just 10 days after his death.


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