Lia Nici accuses Starmer of ‘hiding away’

Lia Nici accuses Starmer of ‘hiding away’

Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby, has accused leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer of ‘hiding away’ following a visit to Grimsby yesterday.

Starmer attended Grimsby Docks in a visit to Orsted to discuss renewable energy, but for Lia Nici, this seems to have been overshadowed by the fact that she was not informed it was happening.

In a frustrated social media post she wrote: “So Sir Keir has hidden himself away in Grimsby today without his office having the decency to inform me he was visiting the constituency until after he’d departed.

“This is the second time he has done this. Do you think he’s afraid of something?

“He talks about Grimsby and offshore wind energy like it’s a new discovery! Well, perhaps that’s how Labour feel about it. It’s about time they caught up.”

The outburst comes amid growing criticism over Lia Nici’s own visibility within the community.

Speaking to BBC Radio Humberside yesterday afternoon Nici criticised the Labour leader for failing to meet anyone in public. She concluded her concerns, suggesting that the Labour Party had broken parliamentary protocol by not informing her of the visit, suggesting in jest that his email system must have crashed.

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