Councillor concerned over recent dog attacks

Councillor concerned over recent dog attacks

There has been a concern in the Brereton Avenue area of Cleethorpes as of late, as two dog attacks have left residents uneasy.

It is unknown whether the two incidents are related, however, according to reports, on Tuesday 8th November, a man was attacked and injured by a large ‘mastiff’ type dog, on Sussex Rec.

Another incident, involved two dogs in close proximity, on November 14, according to reports, a small dog was set upon by two larger dogs, which was reported to be very aggressive and traumatic.

In September, Kate Plant was walking her Cavaliers Lola and Coco in Sidney Park when one-year-old Coco was set upon by reportedly four Bull Mastiffs.

Marie Roddy spoke further about the incident at Sussex Rec, where her husband, Andy was injured by the ‘mastiff’ whilst with their infant.

‘He was just taking him to the park at Sussex Rec and this dog came bounding up growling and knocked him completely over. He had to hold Samuel out of the way while the dog was going for him and put him high up on the steps of the slide.

‘A young lad who was jogging came to his aid after hearing him shout for help. The dog bit Andy on the leg and both the lad and Andy had to kick it away. The owners need to be responsible for this.’ She said.

Councillor Marie Green, who has issued advice before on recent attacks, said she is ‘fed up of hearing about irresponsible owners who do not keep their dogs under control.’

‘It does come back to a need for police action but there are not enough’ she said.

The Councillor stressed her concern, as schools are in close proximity and not to mention footfall traffic.

‘I am thinking of trying to get some kind of meeting between residents police and council officers.

‘People are rightfully fearful and concerned for their dogs themselves and their families.’ she said.

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