Grimsby MP meets with Immigration Minister

Grimsby MP meets with Immigration Minister

Grimsby MP Lia Nici shared an update to her social media, saying ‘meeting with Robert Jenrick the Immigration Minister lobbying U.K. against illegal immigrants being reportedly placed in hotels across the country and listening to his new policies.’

The Guardian reported Robert Jenrick, the immigration minister, said small towns and the countryside may be asked to house more people crossing the Channel in small boats “as long as numbers are so high”.

In unison with this, the BBC reported some Tory MPs have vowed not to be “silenced”, after a refugee charity called for politicians to stop naming hotels housing people seeking asylum.

In a November 10th video release on the same page, the Grimsby MP assured constituents that she is “continuing to lobby and listen to peoples opinion on things”, urging her constituents to ‘get in touch’ if they have any issues or concerns.

She added: “I don’t want to make promises if I can’t keep them.”

In April, Grimsby MP Lia Nici told Gi Media that she contacted Home Secretary Priti Patel and lobbied for the plans to house asylum seekers at St James Hotel, Grimsby, to be reversed.

She said that St James Hotel was a “wholly inappropriate place” for asylum seekers to be put, especially as it is in a town center.

She added that despite the public backlash, it was her own decision to lobby for this decision: “We’re regenerating the town centre and I don’t think it’s an appropriate place for asylum seekers, especially if they’re going to be illegal asylum seekers.”

However, some have taken issue with Ms Nici’s continuous use of the term illegal migrants when the hotel would have house asylum seekers.

Ms Nici shared her actions on Twitter, writing: “Many people have contacted me about the use of St James Hotel for illegal migrants. I intervened as soon as I found out about the plans. Ministers agreed with me that it is an inappropriate location and have now withdrawn the plan. A good result for Grimsby.”

(Image: Lia Nici/Facebook)

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