Pensioner’s lunch at YMCA a ‘safe, warm environment’

Pensioner’s lunch at YMCA a ‘safe, warm environment’

YMCA Humber is offering many free opportunities for those who find themselves in need, at all ages.

As the cost of living spirals, they have recently announced their intentions to open part of the facility as a warm space, as regular attendees left Chief Executive Kate Conway asking, ‘why wouldn’t we?’.

Since their opening, Kate says ‘we’ve been growing our community hub, a 55 seater cafe, which is a good space to meet up with people, including refreshments.’

They have rooms they use for parent and toddler groups, including regular youth groups, and they open the facility to other groups too, which prompted a response of a ‘safe, warm environment’.

‘We understand with the cost of living increasing that times are hard for everyone. Nobody should be in the position where they need to choose between heating their home and having a hot meal.’ YMCA Humber said.

As part and in unison with their current work, they offer pensioners a free two-course meal every Thursday, from 1 pm at The Bradbury cafe.

‘To offer a helping hand, we are offering pensioners a free two-course meal every Thursday at 1 pm from The Bradbury Café, based in our building on Freeman Street.’ they said.

YMCA says the safe space is for pensioners to enjoy a coffee, a chat, and board games with our staff and other members of the community.

They have 15 spaces available for the pensioner’s lunch, and ask for individuals to book on each week to secure their place.

(Image: YMCA Humber)

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