Grimsby MP slammed over factory closure tweet

Lia Nici

Grimsby MP slammed over factory closure tweet

Lia Nici, MP for Great Grimsby, has been criticised by consituents after she tweeted her views following the announcement that the local Icelandic Seafood factory will be closing in a major blow to the town.

The facility was taken over by Icelandic Seafood International in 2020.

But sadly it has recorded a staggering £8 million in losses. Bosses have blamed its tragic end Brexit, the pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, stating that they are pulling out of the UK entierly to focus on European operations.

The closure has caused widespread concern among locals, 500 of whom had been employed at the factory during its peak period.

MP Lia Nici tweeted: “I am sad to learn of the decision made by Iceland Seafoods, which I learnt of through the media.

“I am concerned mainly for the 200 employees of the Company and I would like to hear from Iceland Seafoods about their plans.”

The tweet was met with a backlash of comments claiming that Nici should know what is going on in her town without local businesses having to consult with her.

One said: “Perhaps if you spent time in the town you serve you actually realise what’s going on!”

“How dare they not consult with the mighty Nici, I’m sure you could have saved them if only you’d have known. Now is the time to mobilise those fleets of trawlers you promised during the brexit referendum,” added another.

Nici has also been questioned over what she would have done had she been informed, and criticsed for incorrectly titling the facility ‘Iceland Seafoods’ instead of ‘Icelandic Seafoods’.

Another frustrated local said: “I can’t believe that you don’t know what has been going on for local businesses. Prehaps if you had spent less time sucking up to Johnson and more time finding out what’s going on with buisnesses and people in your constituency you wouldn’t have found out via media!”

One tweeted: “It’s Icelandic seafoods. And why do they have to contact you. Surely you could have contacted them before tweeting to offer assistance.”

We contacted Lia Nici asking what she would have done about the issue had she been informed.

Updates to follow.

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