Grimsby salon offers ‘pay what you can’ haircuts


Grimsby salon offers ‘pay what you can’ haircuts

A hair and beauty salon in Grimsby is launching a ‘pay what you can afford’ scheme tomorrow, Thursday 24 November.

Rebel Hair & Beauty and Lash n Glow as a way of offering support to the community during the cost-of-living crisis.

The scheme will be trialed for one day, and if successful will be rolled out weekly. Anyone who is unemployed or on a low income is eligible to take part.

Rebel Hair & Beauty wrote: “We understand how difficult times are at the moment and want to help.

“We have decided to offer a #paywhatyoucanaffordhaircut on a trail basis on the 24 November for people who are unemployed or on a low income.

“Our ethos at Rebel is that everyone should have access to self – care which is why we have a sliding scale pricing policy to accommodate people’s budgets, who are unemployed or on a low income.

“We welcome all genders and sexualities for any hair type and length. We operate on a sliding scale pricing system at our Hair Salon, which means that we ask people to pay what they can afford in accordance with their means.

“Please allow this day for people who really need help and support in these difficult times. A box will be left where you can put in what you can afford in at your discretion.”

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