Immingham residents furious over fly-tipping

Immingham residents furious over fly-tipping

Residents have been left frustrated after fly-tipping in Immingham, involving a significant number of items. 

The rubbish, found at the North Wall, in Immingham, was discovered by a local who shared the images on social media.

The council announced the closure of the Kennedy Way ‘Bring To’ recycling bins, following a review in August 2021, the site was reportedly removed in October. 

‘Hopefully they’ll put CCTV up and catch them at it.’ one resident commented. 

The rubbish included tyres, and what appears to be a large cushion, along with other household/non household items. Another simply commented: ‘Why?’. 

The Council has gradually reduced the number of bring to recycling banks in North East Lincolnshire since it introduced new wheelie bins for recycling in 2020. These are the last sites to be removed.

Cllr Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport at the Council, said:

“We have made big improvements to household recycling collections since 2020.

“As a result, people are not using the bring to recycling banks as much as they used to, and some sites suffer from high levels of fly-tipping.

“Most households now have much more capacity for recycling at home and are recycling more than ever before.

“The need for these bring to sites has reduced over time and in the next few years we are likely to see more initiatives from central government such as deposit return schemes that will reduce the need even more.

“The more problematic sites are a drain on resources as our staff must be taken from their regular duties to clean up the mess left by fly-tippers.

“Removing the sites will mean our staff waste less time clearing up fly-tips and help us focus our efforts on keeping the borough clean.”

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