Hopeful veterans to install Royal Navy Memorial in Cleethorpes

Hopeful veterans to install Royal Navy Memorial in Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Royal Navy association has launched a fundraiser in the hopes of creating a brand new memorial for the Falklands war.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, in which over 200 British servicemen died.

On 5 April 1982, the then prime minister Margaret Thatcher ordered the Royal Navy to prepare for war to take back the Falkland Islands after the Argentinians invaded the British-owned Falkland Islands

Operation Corporate was established, and the task force gathered to set sail from the UK for the South Atlantic to retake the Falklands, just three days after the invasion took place.

The Task Force was composed of Royal Navy and Merchant Navy ships & submarines, consisting of the Navy, Army, Royal Marines, and Paratroopers.

The proposed memorial, which would be situated in Cleethorpes Pier Gardens, would celebrate the success of the war and remember the lives of the 255 military personnel who died.

Originally set to be a bronze statue, the plans have now been revised to having three silhouetted statues, Sailor, WRN and a Royal Marine, to represent all three sections of the Royal Navy.

Glenn Ritchie, who designed the recycling bins in Cleethorpes, created the design for the Royal Navy association and will manufacture the memorial.

Organiser Shaun Lee wrote on the fundraiser: “Cleethorpes Royal Navy association are trying to raise £14000 to have a Royal Navy memorial statue of a Sailor, WRN and Royal Marine designed, made and installed in Pier Gardens, near to the RAF Flight memorial.

“We have had and still have a strong bond with the Royal Navy in Grimsby & Cleethorpes, dating back to World War 1 & 2, but have nothing to represent all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, from WW1, WW2, or all of the wars & conflicts that the Royal Navy has been part of since the great wars, including the Falklands War.

“Sadly, 255 brave heroes never came back home and are still on patrol down south to this day. Three Falkland islanders and 649 Argentinian conscripts also lost their lives.

“Please support us if you can, every penny counts and all donations will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.”

Those wishing to support the fundraiser can do so here.

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