Lorry ‘abandoned’ as HGV issues continue

Lorry ‘abandoned’ as HGV issues continue

A lorry has been found abandoned on the A18.

The vehicle was recovered by Humberside Police following reports by residents living nearby.

Officers are now investigating the circumstances surrounding how the vehicle came to be abandoned.

This follows an incident last weekend where a HGV was caught towing a stolen trailer, before the occupant attempted to flee the scene on foot. He was arrested and has now been charged with conspiracy to steal, driving without insurance and driving whilst disqualified.

Discussing the issue via a post published on the Gi Grimsby News Facebook page, concerned locals said HGV thefts are a ‘big issue’ adding that they are ‘more common than you think.’

Police say they are now investigating multiple high value thefts in the area.

Despite this one follower said: “Honestly, the police don’t appear really give a monkeys about HGV thefts, curtains being cut and diesel thefts etc, you’re lucky if you get anything more than a crime reference number when you ring them.

“More needs to be done to protect drivers and haulage firms.

“I honestly think there will be another crisis on our hands if drivers continue to leave the industry due to working conditions.

“It definitely needs more Government spotlight.”

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