Fly-tipper identified in Immingham

Fly-tipper identified in Immingham

A fly-tipper has been identified through letters discovered in waste dumped on the old Recourse Field in Immingham. Their details have been passed along to the relevant authorities in the hopes that someone will be prosecuted.

This is one of a number of occasions where Immingham Town Council have had to remove large amounts of waste from sites around the town.

According to the website anyone caught fly-tipping is likely to be fined the amount it costs to clear up the waste. However responsible parties can be fined an unlimited amount or imprisoned for up to 5 years.

The incident follows complaints from locals after recycling bins were removed from Kennedy Road. According to the council the bins were removed in efforts to reduce fly-tipping around the bins.

Speaking at the time Cllr Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport at the Council, said: “We have made big improvements to household recycling collections since 2020.

“As a result, people are not using the bring to recycling banks as much as they used to, and some sites suffer from high levels of fly-tipping.

“The need for these bring to sites has reduced over time and in the next few years we are likely to see more initiatives from central government such as deposit return schemes that will reduce the need even more.

“Removing the sites will mean our staff waste less time clearing up fly-tips and help us focus our efforts on keeping the borough clean.”

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