Anger as pet food bank ravaged by thieves

Anger as pet food bank ravaged by thieves

A pet food bank in Keelby has been targeted by thieves who took £250 worth of food leaving organisers frustrated and without stock to help those in need.

The incident is reported to have happened between 12:30 and 16:00 yesterday, Monday 5 December.

The organiser, who runs Paw & Co. Freedom Field, said: “This has been done in one go, left food over the grass and poo bags so I presume it’s been done in a rush.

“What did I expect I guess? I turned the Motion down on our ring door bell to protect people’s privacy but it’s now back up to max and will pick up everyone that uses the box.

“This will be my last attempt at the food bank before having to think of another idea. I thought people may over take but not actually empty the whole thing in one.”

The food bank is now completely without wet food for cats and dogs.

Several people who witnessed the several women taking the food, as well as another person thought to be involved, have since come forward. The person involved has been given the opportunity to return the goods before the matter is escalated.

A pet food distribution station will now be held each Monday at 6-7pm at the blue stone car park in Immingham to avoid further issues.

The spokesperson continued: “These 2-3 ladies have spoilt it for everyone and it’s such a shame as in 2019-2020 I was actually delivering food to one the ladies that took all of our stock yesterday, over £250 taken in 1 car load.”

Donations can be made here, via this link.

Humberside Police are said to be aware of the incident.

Updates to follow.

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