Going for a walk could make your brain younger.

    A study by Boston University suggests that a gentle walk could make your brain younger. For those people who meet a daily target of 10,000 steps or more…

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Passengers could be weighed before boarding a flight.

    Passengers could be weighed before they board a flight. To try and cut costs and damage to the environment. It has been reported that the Tech firm Fuel…

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Going to the gym can actually make you gain weight.

    Going to the gym can make us gain weight. A study has warned that exercise can make us put weight on because we tend to eat more to…

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Shooting stars across the sky.

Stargazers are in for a treat this weekend with the Lyrid meteor shower is going to light up the night sky. It will be a spectacular show of shooting stars…

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Squash League

Grimsby and District division 2 Lincs Lesure 1 Chichester boys 12. Appleby Frod Squash 7 (AFS 7) 9, Midas windows 4. Lincs lesure 1 Jack Tighe b 12. Jack Tighe…

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Are you aware natural sweetener is fatal to dogs?

  A broken-hearted dog owner has sent a warning to all dog owners. Ruby a seven-year-old Hungarian Vizsla tragically died after eating chocolate brownies. The chocolate did not kill Ruby…

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