Stabbing after 16th birthday in Portsmouth

Stabbing after 16th birthday in Portsmouth

Stabbing after 16th birthday in Portsmouth

Violence erupted early yesterday morning in Meadowsweet Way, Portsmouth, after a stabbing which followed a 16th birthday party.

It is reported that a massive brawl broke out between 30 to 50 teenagers who were armed with sticks, bottles and bricks.

One 17-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed. It is said that he collapsed in a pool of blood after being stabbed twice in the back.

Hampshire Police were called to an address in Meadowsweet Way, Portsmouth, just after midnight on Sunday 8th of March. They soon cordoned off the house.

Screams were heard shortly after, as panicked teenagers rushed to help, and the boy was taken to hospital with ‘serious but not life-threatening wounds’.

One frightened resident said:

“The night had been quiet and controlled until this point. Then a larger group showed up and I watched terrified from my window as saw around 50 boys and girls rioted outside.

They were screaming at each other, and picking up branches and poles and swinging them.

There was glass being thrown. Then I saw a boy fall to the ground, almost like he had been shot, he just went straight down.”

A girl attending the party also described how she saw the victim’s eyes rolling to the back of his head as paramedics treated the wounded boy.

A 16-year-old boy from Fareham has now been arrested in connection with the attack, and on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent.

He was still being questioned by detectives last night and is still in police custody.

Anybody with information that might assist officers with their investigation is being urged to contact the Police on 101.



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