New restrictions at tips in Grimsby and Immingham

An update on waste disposal in Immingham and Grimsby

New restrictions at tips in Grimsby and Immingham

North East Lincolnshire Council have introduced new tighter restrictions at tips in Grimsby and Immingham during the coronavirus crisis.

This follows last night’s announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, that the UK is now in a state of lockdown. These new restrictions at tips in Grimsby and Immingham come after they, like many other public sites across the UK, were swamped with visitors at the weekend.

North East Lincolnshire Council are now urging people to only visit the borough’s two community recycling centres if it is absolutely “essential”.

The tips are no longer accepting anything other than ordinary household waste and recycling.

The disposal of other white goods, building material and garden waste is no longer being accepted until further notice.

North East Lincolnshire Council have said there were almost twice as many visits to the tips over the weekend than there are on a typical busy weekend in the summer. They have said:

“Current coronavirus guidance has led to the decision of not allowing site attendants to provide assistance to members of the public (including the elderly or disabled).

It’s advised to only dispose of waste you can easily manage yourself at the site.

The recycling centre is also suspending the sale of compost and the bring and buy sales until further notice.”

Collectively, this weekend saw 2604 visits to both sites. This compares to 1250 visits over the busiest summer weekend.

The additional following restrictions are now in place:

  • Up to four cars on site at a time
  • One visit per day
  • Only household waste and recycling that is usually collected at the kerbside will be accepted – that’s general household rubbish, plastic bottles, tins, cans and metal household packaging, paper and card, glass bottles and jars.
  • Other rubbish and recycling (mattresses, furniture, garden waste, white goods, building material etc) is no longer accepted until further notice.


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