Local crime falls by a third during Covid-19 lockdown

Local crime falls by a third during Covid-19 lockdown

Local crime falls by a third during Covid-19 lockdown

Recent figures released by Lincolnshire Police have shown that reports of local crime have fallen by almost a third since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, four weeks ago.

Despite reports of people taking advantage of empty commercial properties, incidents are down by almost a third as more people stay at home, according to Lincolnshire Police.

However, the force is warning residents to remain vigilant, not to become complacent and to keep their properties secure.

The force say that they, along with all public services, are under a huge amount of strain during the coronavirus outbreak. But that policing services will continue to operate as usual, and to prioritise public safety.

It has been suggested that primarily, officers are currently dealing with offences relating to non-compliance with government guidelines on social distancing.

In their most recent press release, a spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said:

“Largely, people in the county have been following the central advice to stay at home, to only make essential journeys, and to keep 2m from people if trips are unavoidable. Our beaches have been deserted even in the recent sunny weather, our city streets have been eerily quiet, and our usually bustling market towns have been desolate. For that we are grateful.

“But some people have decided not to listen to the advice and have subsequently found themselves issued with a hefty on-the-spot fine.

“We have issued nine tickets in the last week to people in Skegness, Boston, and Spalding who have refused to comply with government guidance in relation to Coronavirus. This has mainly been for people gathering in groups of more than two.”

The force has thanked the majority of the public who have complied with government guidance.

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