Dead Porpoise found on Cleethorpes beach

Dead Porpoise found on Cleethorpes beach

Dead Porpoise found on Cleethorpes beach

A dead porpoise has been found on Cleethorpes Beach between the Fitties and the Leisure Centre this evening.

The stranded animal was discovered by a walker and has been reported to the Wildlife Trusts department for Marine Sightings and Strandings.

The animal is believed to be a harbour porpoise, one of six different species of porpoise, and one of the smallest marine mammals. They tend to reside close to coastal areas or river estuaries.

Though sad, the Wildlife Trusts say that “dead strandings can help us learn about marine animals’ diet, health and disease, the effects of pollution and bycatch, distribution, and specific threats that they face.”

The organisation added:

“Our seas are among the best in Europe for spotting whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals. Seeing one is a true privilege, and reporting it can make a huge difference to our understanding of marine wildlife, allowing us to better protect it.”

The public are asked to avoid stranded animals, both dead and alive, so as not to cause further stress in an already distressing situation, or to risk putting yourself at risk of injury or disease.

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