Extra patrols to ensure social distancing in Cleethorpes

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Extra patrols to ensure social distancing in Cleethorpes

Beach Safety Officers will conduct extra patrols to ensure social distancing in Cleethorpes.

They will ensure that visitors observe the emergency distancing measures in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

It is thought that, as the weather improves and temperatures rise, people may be tempted to visit to the seafront for fresh air and exercise.

However, authorities including Humberside Police and now Beach Safety Officers have warned that they will not hesitate to use their powers and disband people gathering in groups of more than two.

Across Grimsby and Cleethorpes, businesses which remain open have been operating a system which allows one or two customers in at a time.

Officials have said that queues will not be permitted on the seafront, as the potential transmission of the virus when thousands of people visited Cleethorpes at the weekend is said to have been shockingly high. Scenes such as these prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to enforce a full lockdown across the UK, permitting every Briton one form of outdoors exercise per day.

Scott Snowden, resort manager for Cleethorpes, said:

“The number of people last weekend who were out and gathering in groups and not observing social distancing was worrying. It was before the government announcement about staying at home. But still it was shocking to see.

If people follow Government advice, there is nothing wrong with taking a walk along the front. It is good for mental health as well as physical well-being. But please act on the advice and social distance from others.

That is to protect people and ensure there is not a surge in people needing treatment from the NHS all at once. It is for the sake of our NHS.

Local businesses have been incredibly responsible. Some shutdown very soon after the outbreak. Others have followed suit. That stops people standing in queues.

The public in Cleethorpes have been outstanding and very friendly and it is good to see people out enjoying themselves, many getting light exercise and enjoying the good weather. But they must please do it responsibly.”

Coastguard officers across the UK say they are still receiving reports of large groups of people gathering on the UK’s beaches.




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