Calls for government to scrap 2m rule

Calls for government to scrap 2m rule

Calls for government to scrap 2m rule

The government is facing calls to scrap the 2m social distancing rule in England.

Britons, alongside citizens of Spain and Canada, have continuously been told to observe a 2m social distancing rule.

But, many are beginning to question how if 1m is deemed safe in Denmark, France, or Hong Kong, why it is such a risk here?

This follows the announcement of further easing of social restrictions in England, which will allow single adults to create social bubbles, and visit one another’s households overnight as of Saturday.

MPs, including former cabinet ministers Sir Iain Duncan Smith and Damian Green, say that dropping the rule is now essential for the economy.

The government has responded saying that it is constantly reviewing its coronavirus lockdown guidance.

Former Conservative Party leader Sir Iain warned of dire economic consequences if the government did not relax its policies, with public transport running quieter than ‘necessary’ and pubs, restaurants and cafes unable to open.

He has urged ministers to move to a 1m policy.

This is also what is being recommended by the World Health Organization.

Sir Iain described the 2m rule as “the critical component around which everything coming out of lockdown hinges”.

He said:

“Our economy is facing a complete crash: the debts we’re racking up on how we’re supporting people, the fact no work or very little work is taking place.

“If we don’t get the economy moving, we will be unable to afford any of the things that we need to support public services, so getting the balance right is important.”

Mr Green added:

“I think that makes a huge difference to many parts of industry, particularly hospitality businesses, restaurants, pubs, and so on,” he told the programme.

“We’ve seen other countries do that, actually move from 2m to 1m, without any damaging effects so far.”

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