Hull to face a fortnights rain in 24 hours

Hull to face a fortnights rain in 24 hours

Hull to face a fortnights rain in 24 hours

The Met Office have warned that Hull will face a fortnights worth of rain in 24 hours.

They have now issued a severe weather warning for most of East Yorkshire.

As part of the yellow weather warning, forecasters say there is a small chance of fast flowing and deep floodwater with homes and businesses at risk.

They have warned that this could cause some communities to become cut off by flooded roads.

It is expected that the torrential downpour could lead to road closures.

There is also a slight chance of power cuts and loss of other services to some residents and businesses.

Senior press officer at the Met Office, Grahame Madge, said:

“It’s quite unusual to get weather dominated by a low pressure system in the south of the UK, but this air is swirling, coming to the North Sea, bringing humid air and picking up moisture,” he said.

“That humidity and moisture heat, creating the potential for heavy bursts of rain.

“The rainfall could be quite intense in places, and East Yorkshire is an area where further moisture will be coming off the North Sea.

“It’s going to feel quite wet. East Yorkshire will experience more rain than it had during the entirety of spring.

“During the whole of spring 41.5mm rain fell in the region from the beginning of March to the beginning of May.

“It is likely parts of East Yorkshire could get that in a few hours, which shows how unusual it is, as you are going to see more rain than you have in the entirety of spring.

“In East Yorkshire, you’ve had nearly 30mm rain already so far this summer, and it’s sure will get another 12mm overnight.”

The Met Office say that there is a chance of flooding to homes and businesses as rain hits on Thursday and overnight into Friday afternoon.

Just 11 days into summer, Hull is expected to see more rain than there was during the entire three months of spring.

The yellow weather warning is in place from 4pm on Thursday to 2pm on Friday, June 12.

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