The Notts pub closes for good amid pandemic

The Notts pub closes for good amid pandemic

The Notts pub closes for good amid pandemic

The Nottingham House in Cleethorpes is closing permanently due to the financial implications caused by Covid-19 restrictions.

Pubs are set to reopen within the next month, however it is thought that this will only extend to those with beer gardens.

The landlord of the pub has called time, hailing it as ‘”the end of an era.”

Better known as The Notts, it has served generations of customers in the resort.

But, as the lease, owned by Star Pubs and Bars, the pub business of Heineken UK has ended, landlord Roger Gott has to decide to call time.
Staff are blaming a combination of the chaos caused by coronavirus crisis, and the roadworks which were carried out in Sea View Street last year.
The news also follows the announcement that the Council are planning to completely pedestrianise Sea View Street.

Landlord Roger Gott said:

“It is a combination of the 10 year lease ending and I am getting old. It feels like the end of an era for me.

“We shall miss the customers, some of whom have been coming here for 40 to 50 years.

“It is very likely the brewery will not be opening here because we are not able to social distance fully.”

Mr Gott added that the future of it now lay in the hands of the brewery.

Bar Manager and Chef Andy Smith added:

“It has been a difficult time for everyone. I have served for eight to nine years and all the staff and customers have been really good.

“From about October last year things started to tail off. It was the roadworks which affected the business and trade was down by about 40 per cent.

“We picked up over Christmas and New Year but it was not enough to see us through. The lockdown came like a bang.

“I have enjoyed all the time here and it has been rewarding. We shall miss the customers and hopefully we will get a chance to see them as customers ourselves some day.”

At present, it is unclear what the future of the pub looks like.

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