Cafe and toilets at Doncaster park to reopen

Cafe and toilets at Doncaster park to reopen

Cafe and toilets at Doncaster park to reopen

A popular Doncaster park is planning to reopen its cafe and toilets this weekend following the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The decision has been made by both the Friends of Sandall Park, and Council leaders.

In compliance with Covid-19 guidelines, the facilities at Sandall Parl will be operating with a restricted service.

This follows complaints to the Council from local residents that visitors to the park had been urinating in public areas.

There will be restricted seating numbers in the cafe, and a one-way system will be in operation.

Bosses are asking all customers to bear with them while they get used to the new regime.

Sandra Crabtree, Chair of the Friends of Sandall Park said:

“We are working closely with the council to get the toilets re-opened and these too will be restricted to ensure the safety of the users.

“We urge all the park visitors to follow the guidelines to help keep everyone safe and keep the virus at bay.

“If we can manage to make it work it will be better for everyone, the park needs its toilets to be open.”

In a statement, Ms Crabtree added:

“As before, the council will open and clean the toilets and the cafe staff will lock them up in the afternoon as they close.

“I expect there will be a lot of complaints like “one toilet isn’t enough” and the like but the situation doesn’t allow for full usage.

“We are aiming for 4th July when everything else opens.

“We’re doing our best for you, and the council will work hard on it too.”   

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