Progress at St James Square

New arts project at St James Square

Progress at St James Square

Progress is being made on the development of St James Square in Grimsby, as the Fisherman’s Memorial Statue is finally removed for renovation.

Last week, contractors working on the £1.8m project encountered problems as they struggled to lift the statue.

A spokesman for C. R. Reynolds said:

“We do not know how to lift it.

“The fear is that lifting it may cause damage and we do not know the structure of it so it is going to remain in place.”

Works were due to begin in March but were delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

There were fears that leaving the Fisherman’s Memorial in place might cause further delays.

However, North East Lincolnshire Council have now confirmed that the statue has been safely removed and taken away for renovation.

The bronze figure, standing 12ft, will now be fitted with a new York stone plinth before being returned to the Square.

It will then be re-positioned to form a central part of the square’s transformation into a family-friendly public space.

Following last week’s difficulties, the Council and the assigned contractors sought specialist advice on lifting the statue.

Due to its weight and shape, slings were secured, and a crane slowly raised it from its present base and placed it onto a low-loader.

The operation was carried out at 6.30 yesterday morning.

The statue was designed and erected in 2005 after a major community and corporate fund-raising campaign and has stood proudly in the Square ever since.

Addressing some of the issues that people had experienced in the Square, Councillor John Fenty said:

“We are looking at holistic solutions to tackling some of the problems, such as anti-social behaviour.

“We know that homelessness is also an issue and that is a real focus of local concern for us.

“We are determined not to turn a blind eye but to deal with it.

“What we are doing here in this Square, and in other areas, will have a massive impact upon driving footfall in and around the town centre, it is a new opportunity for the whole area.”

The development has been made possible by monies awarded by the Cultural Development Fund, (CDF) to introduce creativity and art to the area.

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