Congestion amid Scunthorpe roadworks

Congestion amid Scunthorpe roadworks

Congestion amid Scunthorpe roadworks

Congestion and long queues are causing delays as roadworks continue at a busy Scunthorpe junction.

Temporary lights are currently in place, and motorists travelling in either direction on Brigg Road are facing delays.

Works are being carried out to create a new road layout at the junction of Brigg Road and Station Road.

The junction is set to be widened, and a pedestrian crossing will be added.

The development aims to improved traffic flow and decrease congestion on Brigg Road.

The works, which will continue until November, are part of a £31m investment program in local infrastructure.

North Lincolnshire Council Leader Rob Waltham said:

“Now is the right time for the council to invest in the infrastructure of North Lincolnshire – we can protect jobs now and at the same time build for the future.

“Redeveloping the sites at Flixborough and the town centre will create jobs, boost the local economy and act as a gateway for further investment.

“All of these major, government-funded, infrastructure investments are critical to our future, they are essential components of how we can all keep safe and well, how our flourishing communities can remain strong and connected and how our economy can continue to grow.

“There has been careful consideration of the social distancing measures which need to be put in place and maintained through the life cycle of all of these projects to protect the people working on the sites and also the wider community.”

Access to Station Road has been maintained, but motorists can expect to face ongoing delays until November while works are in progress.

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