Construction works leave residents cut off

Construction works leave residents cut off

Construction works leave residents cut off

Residents of a narrow street in Scunthorpe have expressed concern over the impact of ongoing construction work on their ability to access their driveways.

Works are currently underway to create a new footpath on Wensleydale Road.

The development is part of plans to create a new route for cyclists and pedestrians, alongside road upgrades.

The footpath will run parallel with Wensleydale Road, connecting existing walkways.

As such, a green space between Weensleydale Road and Queenway, which is often used by residents entering and exiting their properties, has now been fenced off leaving many cut-off from their driveways.

Locals have not formally objected to the development, but say they were not informed of the works and are concerned that the scheme has left them struggling for space.

The creation of a new junction was scheduled at the same time as the new Scunthorpe Lidl store was approved by the council last March.

Once the works are completed and the footpath and cycle path are finished, the fence next to Wensleydale Road will be removed, however motorists will still be left with reduced space.

Residents have said the issue has been ongoing for years, with waste disposal vehicles also struggling to access the road.

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