Grimsby teenager redesigns town’s flag

Grimsby teenager redesigns town's flag

Grimsby teenager redesigns town’s flag

A Grimsby teenager has redesigned the town’s flag, in the hope that it will represent members of the local community.

Charlie Marshall, 19, says his designs represent the best of Grimsby, with symbols of the port’s fishing heritage, football club and Coat of Arms are all represented on his flags.

Having initially created several flag designs using computer software, he has now selected and shared a final design.

Speaking to the BBC, Charlie said there would be no greater honour than to see one of his flags flying on top of civic buildings, such as the town hall.

He said:

“Ever since I was little, I’ve been a vexillologist, as people who study flags are called.

“In my research I noticed most towns and cities had a flag, but not Grimsby.

“I love the town and will probably be a lifelong resident here, so I wanted to come up with something to represent it.

“I knew it had to include black and white to represent Grimsby Town Football Club, as that’s a huge part of the town’s culture. I’ve also incorporated the colour blue and fishing trawlers in to some to represent its heritage.

“For a flag to be adopted officially, there have to be a few designs shortlisted and then the people of the town simply vote for their favourite.

“This is then recorded with the Flag Institute, which manages them.”

Grimsby already has a flag and a coat of arms, but Charlie says he feels his redesign better represents the best of the area and its townspeople.

Charlie’s BBC interview can be seen here:


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