Scunthorpe United FC return to full training

Scunthorpe United FC return to full training

Scunthorpe United FC return to full training

Having all tested negative for Covid-19 on Friday, players and coaching staff at Scunthorpe United FC have now all returned to training.

The team have had almost five months away from training and games due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As per the EFL protocols for Stage One of Return to Training, the squad had previously been split into small groups.

Social distancing measures and other guidelines have been implemented.

In order to progress to Stage Two, the entire team had to be tested for Covid-19.

Stage Two protocol allows the team to start contact training on the pitch.

Strict guidelines are still, with players being greeted at their cars by staff wearing full PPE, and having their temperatures checked before they were allowed to enter.

Regular cleaning of equipment is also being carried out.

In a statement issued last week, a spokesperson for the club said:

“Following the results of these tests, there has been no detection of any COVID-19 symptoms in any of the samples provided.

“We will now proceed to Stage 2 of the EFL’s return to training protocols.”

Returning to training for the first time in 143 days, Scunthorpe United midfielder Alex Gilliead told iFollow Iron:

“It’s good to be back. Though we’re not technically back in the building yet as such (due to those guidelines above).

“It’s good to see the lads and familiar faces, and getting back to it.

“It’s still a risk being out but it’s good to be back playing football and doing it socially distant.

“We’ve done running and ball work to get ourselves going again, and it will get tougher as we go along.

“It’s not dissimilar to a normal pre-season really though. We have plenty of time to get our fitness and touches back, and are all looking forward to getting ready for the new season.”

The 2020/21 season is due to start on the weekend of September 12.

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