Traders outraged over plans at Doncaster market

Traders outraged over plans at Doncaster market

Traders outraged over plans at Doncaster market

Several market stall holders in Doncaster are threatening to leave over plans to replace traditional outdoor stalls with gazebos.

The outdoor market has served the local community for decades.

But, controversial new plans could see the landscape of the iconic area altered.

Doncaster Council and MAM (Market Assessment Management) have announced proposals to remove the fixed structures and replace them with gazebos to create more room for events.

A spokesperson for the authority said:

“We are consulting with all traders around our future vision for the Doncaster and Mexborough Market estate and part of this involves looking at opening up the outdoor space, to attract new traders who are unwilling to use fixed stalls and offer more scope for external events and activities.

“To do this effectively, we propose to remove the old fashioned fixed market stalls and replace them with more modern and flexible alternatives.

“This will help to improve footfall and sightlines into the Corn Exchange, International Food Hall and the Wool Market.”

Many traders fear they will prove ineffective in bad weather.

But a proposal has called the existing stall structures “outdated” and claimed that they encourage anti-social behaviour:

“Outdated metal stalls block sight-lines across the square, attract anti-social behaviour and do not promote custom circulation across the square.

“The outdoor market can operate on a self-erect basis with traders operating from gazebos.

“This work could be undertaken as soon as possible, in order to maximise the opportunities presented for a socially distant market square where people can dwell.

“Some outdoor traders will not come back in the wake of coronavirus, so it limits income loss to one hit rather than coming later down the line.”

Traders say the stalls are far from being outdated, and that they were only erected around five years ago.

Officials have acknowledged that some traders will leave if the plan goes ahead, but say they are supportive of existing traders.

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