Grimsby man campaigns for respect for face mask exemptions

Grimsby man campaigns for face mask exemptions

Grimsby man campaigns for respect for face mask exemptions

Grimsby man Glenn Sharp, 48, has organised a support group for those exempt from wearing a mask, and is calling for those affected to be treated with more respect.

Current government guidance states that “people who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability” are exempt from having to wear one.

But Glenn Sharp says many people with hidden disabilities, including himself, are being discriminated against for not wearing masks, despite wearing a lanyard to signify that he is exempt.

Speaking to Gi Media, Mr Sharp said:

“I am exempt from wearing a mask due to having asthma and mental health issues.

“Recently, I’ve had negative responses from 5 shops, and even been refused entry or shouted at by members of staff in others.

“In one shop, I had to argue for about five minutes in a shop about being exempt just so I could get served.

“I’ve also been forced to discuss personal aspects of my disabilities to prove it.

“In the space of four days, my support group has accumulated 240 members who have had similar experiences.

“I think there is a real lack of knowledge and fear regarding hidden disabilities.”

Glenn has set up a Facebook support group for people to discuss their experiences and seek advice.

The group have also organised a ‘Hidden Disability Awareness’ demonstration, which is due to take place outside Grimsby Town Hall on Saturday 12 September.

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