New lorry parks to help with Brexit transition

New lorry parks to help with Brexit transition

New lorry parks to help with Brexit transition

With Britain less than four months away from its final split with the European Union, the government have approved an order which grants planning permission to build new lorry parks.

They are expected to be built in 29 areas including Northern Lincolnshire, Hull and East Yorkshire.

According to the new rules, temporary lorry parks and inspection posts could be built without local approval.

Officials say that this would help the Brexit transition period by allowing lorries to be checked and inspected before leaving the UK to travel to the EU and beyond.

The government added the lorry parks would contribute to “an orderly transition to the new system of controls to secure the border”, thus helping England to cope with potential trading chaos.

Many traders fear that flow of food and vital medicines may be disrupted following the transition period, and because of new travel restrictions regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The order reads:

“This Order grants temporary planning permission for development consisting of the use of land for the stationing and processing of vehicles (particularly goods vehicles) entering or leaving Great Britain.

“The government is aware that the impact of coronavirus may have affected the ability of port operators and businesses to provide the necessary infrastructure by the end of the year.”

The parks will be allowed to stay in place until the end of 2025, according to reports.

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